Wednesday, 11 December 2013


THIS IS THE PARTY EVERYONE! at 8th December 2013 all those barbz participated in Nicki's party
and I wanna say..

Happy birthday Nicki you're my inspiration you gave some quotes that was really useful and made everything seems gonna be alright and you made some Kmart Collection that's really fabulous things I still following you waiting for your 4th Album! and I hope you had a tour in Indonesian I will see you. <3

I'm sorry if I'm late posting, I'm really really busy this time
See some photos below:

MTV Stars

Hello everybody !
I need you.. all of you to voting Nicki Minaj as MTV stars
You just tweeting like this " #MTVstars Nicki Minaj " keep voting and tweeting. love y'all

Monday, 21 October 2013

Nicki Minaj Collection Gift for Women and All

Perfume ( Pink Friday Limited Edition + Hand Body Lotion ) GIft Set


I hope all of you ever heard that , cause minajesty is around the world. Minajesty has been shared by Nicki Minaj. it smells like heaven y'all will know! Purchase it in :
Gimme information if you were bought it!:D

Style on 'em : Nicki Minaj in Juicy Couture Leopard Sweatsuit

GUYSSS do you know nicki minaj has collaboration with some designer, of course the top designer like Juicy Couture !

New Quotes !

Nicki Minaj KMART Collection

Hello guys lama nih vacuum gak pernah ngepost lagi..
Okay jadi aku mau share tentang Nicki Minaj Kmart Collection, dia sukses berat !:)

Ini beberapa foto baju yang udah dia design well, aku lumayan suka sama beberapa dress-nya

Yah, Enjoy the Picture